Karst – 2022 Daily Planner Set
Karst – 2022 Daily Planner Set
Karst – 2022 Daily Planner Set
Karst – 2022 Daily Planner Set

Karst – 2022 Daily Planner Set

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The first planner system of its kind. This set breaks the year into convenient six-month increments, with hand-selected self-improvement themes and motivational quotes every day.

With a Day Per Page layout, you’ll find ample space to plan and keep track of appointments, while still benefitting from sections for self-reflection and goal-setting, so you can live a richer, more intentional and contented life.

  • Daily goal setting
  • Weekly and monthly reflection prompts
  • 12 monthly motivational themes for self-improvement
  • 194 pages per volume of 120-micron stone paper (equivalent to 144gsm)
  • A5 size (h210mm x w148mm)
  • Water proof and tear resistant pages

Designed in Australia. Made in China.

Planning every minute in detail, or for the long term? You need an analogue diary that matches your style of planning.

Shop your 2022 Diaries and Calendars from brands like Hightide, Karst, MiGoals and others.

About Karst

Who said paper had to be made from trees?

Karst's tree-free designs make for a sustainable alternative to traditional notebooks that's impossibly smooth and brilliantly white. Made from 100% leftover calcium carbonate, an abundant natural resource, and a by-product of construction sites and quarries.

To make stone paper, calcium carbonate is collected, washed and crushed into a fine powder-like chalk, then mixed with limestone and a non-toxic resin. It’s then fed into a machine that rolls and stretches it thousands of times to create the end product, which is like traditional paper but made without trees.

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